About Me

Hi, I’m Shaylynn- looks like you’ve stumbled upon my blog!
First of all, congratulations.
I’m so happy you have found me! My blog is for mothers- mothers who have or don’t have it all together, mothers who are learning to embrace the mess and chaos, mothers who are wanting to find purpose in the journey.
So where do I start?
I’m a young mother and am happily married to an airman in the United States Airforce. It feels like we’ve been all over the place, literally- from Iowa to Mississippi, to now residing in Illinois! If you’ve come to my site to relate to another mom in any way and get some reassurance that your crazy, busy, hectic life is normal, you’ve come the right place. Take my husband and I for example: we met only four short years ago and became pregnant with our first child when I was still in high school. As unexpected as she was, our daughter became our world and we managed to overcome the obstacles that most young, unmarried couples face. When our daughter, Amara, was 11 months old we found out that we were expecting another child…our son Ian. And so our journey through parenthood began (x2).
Our daughter Amara
Our son Ian








I would like to tell you I’ve got it all together but the truth is I don’t (what mother does?) and probably never will. What I do have is a determination to convey the idea of purposeful mothering- the idea that motherhood was meant to be purpose-driven. I’m so sold on this belief because I still struggle on a daily basis with the trap of survival mode. It’s so easy to trudge through the day with no plan and focus only on the time left until the kids go to bed. But it doesn’t have to be that way and that’s what my blog is about; a little bit of hope, faith, reassurance, and ways to make our lives as mothers (or fathers) easier.
So stay awhile… sip on your coffee (or tea!) and do a bit of reading; I promise it will be worth your time.