Dear Tired Mama, Here's What You Should Know

Dear Tired Mama, Here’s What You Should Know

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Dear tired mama,
Here’s what you should know.

I see you in the early morning, waking up to the sound of the children crying. Asking God for just a few more minutes of sleep, you pretend not to hear them and doze off again. You awaken later to children whose cries are now screaming and you feel a twinge of resentment and guilt. Rushing to throw some clothes on, you’re lucky if you walk out of the bedroom wearing anything at all. “I don’t want to be a mother today, I just want to sleep.”

I’ve been there. 

I see you walk into the living room carrying two tear-faced babies and realize you didn’t clean up last night’s mess. Toys are strung all over the floor, crumbs litter the carpet, snack cups sit on top of the coffee table- for a second you tell yourself to get a grip on motherhood and stop being lazy. “I’m sure other moms don’t have houses that look like this.”

I’ve been there.

You rush to make breakfast, leaving plates strewn across the counters and losing the cap that goes to the milk carton. You might get a second to drink a cup of coffee, praying it gets you through the day. The kids grimace at their food and push it away- you’re determined to not let them win and make them sit until they are finished. They throw tantrums big enough to knock the plates off the table, food spilling onto the floor you managed to finally sweep. “Maybe I just can’t ever win.”

I’ve been there.

Rushing to get everyone ready for the day, you go into the closet to find no clean clothes. You resort to picking through the dirt pile while questioning your ability to be a mother. The youngest hates getting dressed and the oldest requires that you chase them around before they will sit still. Leaving the house with un-brushed hair, the clothes you wore last night, and a diaper bag packed to the brim, you check the time. “We’re late again, why can’t this just be easier?”

I’ve been there.

I see you constantly checking your phone for the time, counting down the hours until nap-time. You struggle to make up for the blank canvas of the day that lays ahead, wondering how you can keep the kids entertained for so long. Once you’ve exhausted the crayons and coloring books, the puzzles and games, and endless piles of toys, you find yourself turning on the TV. I see you breathe a sigh of relief as your child fixates on the screen, entertained and content. There’s another voice that’s bothering you, and you can’t seem to shake it. “I’m such a bad mother for letting my child watch so much TV. Why can’t I be okay with sitting down and playing all the time?”

I’ve been there. 

I see you during nap time, contemplating taking time for yourself or doing chores around the house to please the husband. You know every nook and cranny that desperately need to be cleaned but you’d rather sit on the couch and watch shows that aren’t Paw Patrol or Sophia the First. You dig through the cabinets for junk food, relishing in the fact that you don’t have to share anything with grubby hands. As nap time comes to an end, that small feeling of resentment creeps back in, silently wishing for more time. “I just had a three-hour break from my children, shouldn’t I be glad to play with them again?”

No, you shouldn’t. 

There’s something you should know, tired mama. This crazy, chaotic, bittersweet, life-changing journey of motherhood is not perfect. And if anyone ever told you that it would be, they were wrong.

Motherhood is just as imperfect as we are- this is what makes it beautiful. 

  • Those days when you are tired beyond words and don’t want anything to do with your children?
  • The days when you can’t seem to get a break?
  • The times when you question yourself as a mother?

Those days are the ones that let you know you are doing something right with your life because you are a mother. You are brave enough, strong enough, and wise enough to make your life about someone else’s. The babies you hold have been given to you and only you to take care of and love fiercely.

Dear tired mama, I see you. You’re doing exactly what you are meant to do:

Being a mother. 


12 thoughts on “Dear Tired Mama, Here’s What You Should Know”

  1. First, I wish I have been there, was a single mom trying my best I could to give my daughter a better life but it means leaving her behind.
    Second, I wish I could have been there, 11 years after being a single mom I was blessed with another daughter, I would endure all the difficulties and restless days and night of being a mom, unfortunately, she left us right away.

    1. I’m so sorry that you had to endure all of that. I can’t imagine the pain you must have felt and are still feeling. I hope that in some way, my post brought you a little joy!

  2. Huh!! I needed to hear this..expecting baby number 2 and I must admit, I’m beginning to get cold feet wondering what it will be like to handle two kids running around. Already one is driving me to the edge. Thanks for this great article, I can now rest assured that everything will be okay.

    1. Congrats on the second baby Lynn! One baby is wonderful but two is a blessing! I’ll be honest, two is a handful, but you can do it. Mothers are so incredibly strong.

  3. This article iw what i needed to read. You describe my daily routine and i don’t know if i’m doina something right or if it’s ok to think like.that. i’m vlad to know that i’m not the only one

    1. You are definitely NOT the only one! It seems like everything we mothers feel that is negative, other mothers are having the same exact thoughts. We need to remember we are only human and are doing the best we can!

  4. Even 20 years in as a mother, I still have many of these feelings. But you put it so right: when we’re tired, frustrated, and even questioning whether we’re doing a good job, that’s when we know we’ve taken on the most important job there is in all the world.

    1. So very right Kyla. I know I’m still going to feel all of these emotions later on down the road!

  5. Yep, that basically sums up my life since I had my first at 18 LOL! This is definitely great for those expecting a new baby, well first time moms.

    1. I feel you! I gave birth to my first child at the age of 19! Thank you for taking the time to check out my site!

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