Toddler Room Hacks: Small Things that Saved Our Sanity

Toddler Room Hacks: Small Things that Saved Our Sanity

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When the time comes for your toddler to make the switch from crib to bed, it isn’t just about finding the right furniture. Little hands that like to explore and a new, free roam of the room mean a few sleepless nights!

Find out how to make changes to your child’s room to save you and your family’s sanity.


There are milestones in your child’s life that can throw your entire household off balance. What seems like it should only affect them, ends up changing the way you schedule your day, week, and sometimes months.

For our household, this life changer was when our daughter reached one of her largest milestones, the switch from crib to toddler bed. I remember being upstairs and hearing a loud *thud* that had come from her room. As any panicked mom would, I ran to find a very proud (and very awake) toddler standing inside the door.

She had just escaped the confines of her crib.

I’ll admit, my heart sunk for a split second. Not because I was sad that she was growing up, but because I knew that big changes were coming. An escaping toddler meant no more crib, getting a new bed, and some sleepless nights for both of us.

But here’s the thing, mamas. I discovered that it wasn’t just about picking out the right bed- it was everything else! I want to share some amazing things with you that saved our sanity (and sleep) while adjusting to this new milestone.

Blackout Curtains

The one thing we realized that was keeping our daughter from having a sleep-ready room, was not having blackout curtains. This suggestion may not apply to you if your child sleeps fine in a well-lit space! I highly encourage it though, if you are a parent who finds your toddler waking up very early in the morning. A possible cause for this is a room that receives lots of sunlight; as soon as the sun rises, so does the child!

After switching from sheer curtains to blackout curtains, we noticed a change in the time our daughter was waking up. Not only was she getting more shut-eye, but mommy was too!

*Bonus* These types of curtains can also save on heating/cooling costs…score!

Toddler Room Hacks: Small Things that Saved Our Sanity


Doorknob Covers

With a toddler who now has the ability to leave the bed and roam the room, anything outside of the door is up for exploration. I remember laying awake the first few nights worrying that my daughter would open her door and escape. There’s only so much you can do with a gate if they can climb and trust me, they will climb!

Doorknob covers are a godsend, mama. Seriously, a blessing above all blessings.

We ended up using these covers from the brand Munchkin. They are cheap in price and work great! Our daughter wasn’t too happy about the change at first but eventually gave up on trying to open the door during naptimes. She doesn’t think twice about it now!

Toddler Room Hacks: Small Things that Saved Our Sanity


Door Hushers

You know the feeling when you’re trying to close the door to your child’s room as quietly as possible, only to accidentally close it a little too hard and the sound wakes them up?

Been there, done that.

I can’t count the number of times that I held my breath while trying to do this. All there is between you and a long mommy break is closing that door. Don’t you just wish there was a way to close the door without making a sound?

There is a product that does just that! Someone recommended to me something on Amazon called the Latchy Catchy. It’s this cute, fabric door latch cover that attaches to both door knobs. It works by giving enough padding between the cover and the edge of the doorway to make a snug fit when you close the door. So instead of hearing that annoying click sound, you aren’t hearing anything at all!

I actually ended up buying a second one to use for my son’s room. They have designs for both girls and boys- you can find them here.

Toddler Room Hacks: Small Things that Saved Our Sanity


Light Switch Covers

Toddlers are known to mess with any sort of switches they can get their hands on. I have no doubt that if your child hasn’t messed with theirs yet, the time will come!

The first thing our daughter went for when she realized she could leave her bed, was the light switch. Her tiny fingers could just barely reach it, but when she discovered how much fun turning it on and off could be, it started to disrupt our naptime and bedtime schedule. It seemed like every time I went to check on the video monitor, her light was always on.

A room light that is on does not equal a sleeping child.

I seriously recommend getting this light switch cover; it’s more of a case than a cover, but it works so that the only way to switch it on and off is by putting a finger into the opening (toddler fingers are too small). I installed it by myself very easily- If you have a screwdriver, that’s all you need.

The first time we tried it out, our daughter walked right to it only to realize she couldn’t turn it on! This resulted in a few screams and tantrums, but eventually, she forgot all about it. Both mommy and toddler started getting some shut-eye!

Toddler Room Hacks: Small Things that Saved Our Sanity



Room Camera & Video Monitor

Baby monitors are perfect for hearing your child and knowing they are safe. We used them for both of our children! But what beats a baby monitor is an actual room cameraYou don’t necessarily need one, but when the age comes that they are a toddler, it is extremely helpful.

My husband and I did a lot of research into what camera would be the best fit for us; we weren’t looking for anything expensive, because we knew years down the road we wouldn’t have a need for it anymore. The one we ended up choosing is around $36 and comes with a bunch of cool features!

It’s by a company called Clever Dog and doesn’t just have to be for monitoring toddlers; It can be used for watching the family pet, keeping an eye on the house while gone, or seeing who’s outside the front door.

Some of the features that we really loved are the two-way talk function and ability to connect it to the computer, phone, or smart TV. All you need is a Wi-Fi connection and any one of those devices! If I was ever out of the house while my husband was watching the kids, I could open the Clever Dog app on my phone and see them sleeping. If my daughter was doing something she wasn’t supposed to during nap-time, I could talk to her through the app and listen to her reply. This function is especially helpful if your child is potty training!

I can’t say enough about how much this camera saved our sleep schedule and gave us peace of mind for both of our toddlers!

If you are wanting to check it out, you can find it by clicking here.

Toddler Room Hacks: Small Things that Saved Our Sanity


There you have it: the small things that saved our sanity! The change from a crib to a toddler bed can be overwhelming, exhausting, and frustrating at times; I promise that by implementing some of these things into your child’s room, you’ll have a happier time sleeping.

What are some things that have helped you and your toddler get some shut-eye? Let me know in the comments below!





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